The yBall team have now expanded into the fitness side of the business which is where we’ve always wanted to go, while still running the schools sports program plus the yBall community sessions.

Incorporating one-to-one sessions with client’s, which consist of HIIT training strength and conditioning cardio, stamina and core workouts, hill strides, for endurance to make flat or road running a lot easier which means you can run for longer.

Training at three locations for the Dorset, each location has a different element, within the workout program, so that you are challenged within your capabilities to excel in your HIIT training week on week, bring out the best in you, mentally and physically.

If you’d like to get fitter and stronger, please contact me through via the email or via Number 07540393819.

Here’s is a testimonial from one of my clients, she has been training with me for six weeks.

I’ve always been a bit of a ‘yo-yo’ dieter and wanted quick fixes.  As I’ve grown older I’ve noticed that quick crash diets and intense cardio for a short period of time does not work long term and as a result I’ve gained more weight through giving up. After training with Vince we haven’t focused on ‘quick fixes’ but more long term goals of strength, toning and a positive mental attitude towards training. Six weeks into our sessions I’ve lost inches of body fat and feel great. We do two sessions a week, which I highly recommend to avoid longer recovery. The best part is that I can still have cheat days and achieve results. Vince pushes you to your full potential so that each session you progress. If you’re someone that needs that push and confidence to get started on your fitness journey, I highly recommend training with Vince.