yBall team at Fitliving.uk

                      With only SIX day’s to go, to the greats show on EARTH


The FitLiving UK event will welcome trainer Richard Callender from Good Morning Britain and The Biggest Loser, and Lindsay Jay from International Fitness to the first-ever event.


                             The festival will take place on September 9 and 10.

The event will also play hoist to the UK latest sport, yBall designed to keep and refresh all your core skills, plus increase your cardio with this fun team sport.

                                               Come and give it a go, in the SOLENT HALL AT 11.00 on Saturday 9th.

  1. yBall is a fast tempo catch and pivot, FUN based game.
  2. A non-impact, MIXED GENDER, cardio based game played to music.
  3. A mix of American football, Netball, Ozi Rules Football. If you have ever played any of these sports, yBall is the game for you. And if not then yBall is the game for you.
  4. The referee is the Mc on the MIC. The game can also be played in the dark.
  5. yBall could called a space invasion game, as yBall is played on any surface. Beaches, Indoor or Outdoor.there are no markings, no bounders to the pitch, which means there is full movement all the around the pitch.
  6. Over the year’s, yBall has seen a full range of players. Blind, Wheel chaired, prosthetic blades, plus a one armed player, so know matter what your ability you can play yBall.

As well as showcasing the latest fitness trends, the show wants to appeal to families about the benefits of keeping fit together. As well as a range of activities, there will be a holistic and wellbeing area, as well as a yoga and tough fitness tent directly on the beach.

A blogger stage will be set-up with a range of influential fitness stars as well.

Richard Callender, who will be running a selection of classes, said: “I am really looking forward to bringing my energy to this event and being both on and near the beach.

“I like the approach that FitLiving UK is taking, which is about trying to cut through all the noise of fitness and wellness; after all it’s about trying to be happier and healthier.”

Lindsay Jay, the woman who brought Zumba to the UK and founder of YogaFit Retreats, will be showcasing a range of Yoga classes on the main stage and bringing her love for wellbeing to everyone at the event.

She said: “Wellness comes in many forms and it’s about what works for people individually.

“We can already see that wellness has become a trend in itself, but people can often be confused by the many fitness messages out there.

“I am very excited to be part of this new event and helping people to get excited about living a healthy, happy life.”

Gemma Harris, managing director of Lineup Media and Events, who is running the event, said: “The show is looking to demystify fitness and appeal to anyone looking to try out the latest fitness innovations; including families wanting to keep fit together, the toughest of athletes and people just looking to improve their health.”

She added: “With Bournemouth being recognised as the fifth most active town in the UK, FitLiving UK has been harnessing the power of Bournemouth fitness brands to raise the town’s health and wellbeing profile in the UK.”

Tickets cost £12 each or £10 for concessions for the whole weekend. To book, go to fitlivinguk.com.

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