Next will see yBall run three sport day events, at three of Bournemouth high profiled schools. With over one hundred  pupils playing the game.

Bournemouth Collegiate School, LeAf Academy, and St Joseph Primary School. With more schools to follow in the next few weeks and mouths.

The yBall games are being organised by The sports degree Students at Bournemouth University, as part of there Event Management module.

After these up and coming events yBall will be looking to form a legacy, within the school With this new dynamic sports game, adding to schools that are playing the game now

Open to all

Weekly yBall session are being run at Bournemouth University Sports hall, on Saturdays 2/4  £3.00 a great game at a low cost.

What is yBall?

yBall focuses on “ABC‘s”


yBall  is a catch and pivot, non- contact sport. We feel it can make a difference at a any level with our all inclusive gender/ ages style of game-play, a local and fresh twist to the sporting norm.

In short the yBall game is a hybrid combination of American football, Basketball, Netball , that provides an intense yet intuitive game that everyone can enjoy. Playable by all and on any terrain it is designed to embrace existing sports enthusiasts and people less keen on activities.

Why yBall?

yBall is already being delivered to local schools including a school in Wiltshire, several schools in Bournemouth. Plus yBall has been in the Bournemouth University for over four years.

If anyone wishes to be part of this exciting sports game in regarding session or equipment, please email or ring.

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