yBall sports ended the 2017 year with School V School yBall games, with Winton Primary holding the Tesco Managers cup.

Now with the new year starting, plus new schools on board for 2018, it makes for an interesting year, to see if they can hold onto the cup.

If you are interested in having a FREE taster session in your school or community, please contact us via our email address, or just give me a call. And read up on what is yBall  on our site.

                                         Prime Sports NW CIC

Prime Sports NW CIC, taken delivery of there own bespoke, 16 piece Goal set and bags, Scorecards, Balls, and rules an Regs , plus a few more bits. And start delivering sessions in Bolton’s, Schools & the community in the new term.

yBall sports, are very proud to be part of this forward thinking sports company,  in getting more people active.


                                                            Prime Sports NW CIC


Who are Prime Sports ?

A Community Interest Company based in Bolton providing Sports and activity coaching for Young People, Over 55s and other groups.

What do Prime Sport deliver ?

Prime is a North West based organisation who are seeking to develop people’s interest in sport and to keep people active. Prime wanted to offer a wider range of sporting  opportunities to young people in the Community. Addition wanting to work with people who are still young at heart, plus being an inclusive organisation with extensive experience of working with those with disabilities.

yBall is now in the Bolton, Rugby, Wiltshire, Scotland , and it’s birth place, Dorset.

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