Charmouth Primary School. Is uniquely situated almost on the beach on the beautiful Jurassic Coast. The aim of their curriculum is to inspire as well as take advantage of beautiful location to ensure the children are able to thrive personally, socially and academically.

We’ll be demonstrating yBall too the school over the week, plus hand delivering, Charmouth primary school very own bespoke yBall kit, with the school logo designed into the goals vinyl.

Wednesday will see the yBall team attend second of the two Dorset school games, at Braynston school. It will be a full day of activities with over 30 schools attending on the day with near on 1000 children playing sports.

To finish off the week, we’ll be sending two yBall kits to Ireland,to start games.

yBall”s in various counties in the UK, four schools in Dorset, up and down the UK. We are reaching out to everyone from England, Scotland and now to Ireland.


More Than A Game MTAG.

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