This Tuesday, the 6th of November will see the first combined school game, of yBall at Bourne Academy.

The game will start at 20.00/21.00

The game will be played in front of the Bournemouth bobcat American football team.

On the floodlights if Astroturf pitch. Which will be a great experience for some of the children, for some of these guys & gals, this will be there first ever team game.

We’ll be mixing both school together on the evening, to make new friends plus to demonstrate teamwork and teambuilding.

The combined schools will be St Joseph & Winton Academy, around 25 yBallers.

Both schools, will demonstrate the core values of yBall,

Determination, Confidence, Honestly, Sportsmanship, Team building.

By making this combined school game, the children will show, teamwork & respect for others within the game.

We’re hopefully expecting representatives from Active Dorset popping in on the evening. Coming along to see the core skills learnt over the years, but most of all watching the children have fun with this concept sport.

I’d like to say a big thank you to Keith the head coach of the bobcat, for his support in allowing myself to support the bobcat defence of in a coaching role. And allowing me to put this game together for the yBallers.

The two teams on the night, will be the ThunderCats and the Wiley cats

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