A blend of two sports American Football & Netball.

A Non contact catch and pivot sports game.

The first session is free.

This Sunday will see yBall being played at Winton Rec at 11.00 till 12.30 . A light game of yBall, a  great sports game. A Non-contact sport, a great social sports game,  and a place to make new with friends.

And when the weather is good we play yBall on the beach.

DSC_0100                          DSC_0548


Slades Farm Family Festival  Sunday 16th July

Just 17 days to go before the Festival!

Banners are up; correx boards are up; 2000 A5 flyers have been distributed; A4 and A3 size notices are going up in shops, notice boards and around the area.  Over 11000 A3 flyers are being delivered this week by Royal Mail.

This is a great opportunity for those of you, think about getting active, but don’t know which sport to tryout.

Slades farm festival will have more sports and side events than you can shake a stick at LOL

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