On the BBC new’s we’re the England Football team playing yBall in the back ground, like the England Rugby team, in the six nations.


Why yBall?

yBall focuses on “ABC‘s”


This is the direct quote sent to me, from the BBC1 sports presenter MIKE BUSHEL.

The new England coach Eddie Jones told me he loved the feature and the look of yBall and will use it in his training sessions…will spread the word. 

yBall is now based in Branksome Heath Junior School, for nearly one year, within each session a average of twenty plus students playing yBall.


yBall Bring together students and communities of all abilities and backgrounds, yBalls focus on fun, education and development makes it sport ideal for your school.

In some schools with the introductory of yBall into there sports curriculum, there has been a 15% up lift in inactive students playing sports.  


Over 1,200 students to participate at the Dorset Summer School Games Finals

Bryanston School will be hosting the Dorset Summer School Games Finals 2017. Over 1,200 students will participate in a range of competitions, including cricket, equestrian, and rounders.

Martin Kimberley, Active Dorset Chief Executive, stated “It’s great to see the range of opportunities for students in Dorset as the County School Games continue to grow and 2018 will be the largest event yet. Very well done to everyone who has made it to the Games and I hope you all have a successful, enjoyable and memorable day.”

The School Games is a unique opportunity to motivate and inspire millions of young people across the country to take part in more competitive school sport.


Bryanston 01                    active-dorset-logo


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Some of  Next few Month yBall Events.


LittleDown Family Fun day 29th July.

New Milton Community Session starts 7th August.

NCS days sports event at BU.

Kingsleigh primary school sports day.

More up and coming events will be Blogged & posted shortly.

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