This week would see the yBall team, Back at school coaching yBall since the half-term.

Delivering  three sessions of yBall to three Schools, over the last three days, Engaging 41 children playing yBall. Winton Primary School, St Joseph primary School, and The Bishop of Winchester Academy. Next week Friday will see the team attend, the Dorset PE and School Sport Conference.


All the children in each school have shown great improvements, in all the ABC’s, core skill’s, catching, and movement.

The game’s tempo was very fast, with the guy’s and gal’s falling back into defensive positions at times, but we are working on this week on week. In three to four weeks we’ll be working on zones, plays.

                     The key to all of this is have fun., so request your song for the playlist.

Tomorrow is Bournemouth University Freshers Fair. Things kick off at 11.00am. So make sure you get there in time, to speak to the guy’s and gal’s in SportsBU plus RelaysBU, a great and friendly team that are always happy to help.

                     yBall is now a Campus sport, so don’t forget to sign up Guy’z an Gal’z.


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