!?WANT TO COME?! – 26/09/15 – 7.30pm – Litten Tree

After the first game with the gang and England V Fiji 35 – 11 we couldn’t resist asking about getting together again… and guess what you lot will take any excuse for a drink, big bunch of alkies ;) .

If you would like an excuse to get out, come for a bite to eat and join us for one of the biggest games for England in this World cup… then get your backside out and join us.

The Game, England Vs Wales and Game 16 of the 2015 Rugby World Cup, will Kick off at 8pm on the 26th of September, so plan to get there for 7.30pm to get your orders in as i’m sure it will be a busy night ;) .

Venue booking is awaiting approval as its a busy night and the poor chap on the end of the phone didn’t know what to do… awww. Its a popular venue however and all being well we will be at Litten Tree Pub at Lansdowne for 7.30pm.

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