We are looking for fun reliable sports coaches to join the yBall ever-growing coaching team.

The successful candidate will assist or deliver after-school sessions in and around Bournemouth and Poole.

No experience, as coaching will be given if you have the relevant qualification, please forward them with a cover letter to the email address below.

Job type:

DBS/CRB  will be required for working in a school environment. Working with secondary and Primary age children

Must have Car,


high energy/versatile coach,

Excellent timekeeping,

Confident and Professional,


What is yBall.

yBall is a non-impact, non-collision, mixed gender low contact sport. great tactical game/cardio based sport played to music.

Great tactical game/cardio based sport played to music.

A mix of American football, netball, and Ozi Rules. The Ref is the MC on the Mic calling any infractions. The game can also be played in the dark with a glow in the dark ball.

You could call yBall a space invasion game, as this game has no markings on a pitch, so there are no bounders to the game.


Contact detail:






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