Sport England has launched its new strategy today, Towards an Active Nation, 

More than one in four people in England (28 per cent) do less than 30 minutes of physical activity a week. But research shows that those who do the least activity stand to benefit the most, even if it’s just small changes like gentle jogging, swimming or playing rounders in the park.

As well as continuing to support people who already play sport, there will be a much greater emphasis on groups who are typically much less active such as women, disabled people and those from lower-socio-economic backgrounds. 

Being active helps towards Physical and mental welbeing  Sport can bring communities together, improve physical and mental wellbeing and make a significant contribution to the economy. 

A healthier, happier nation. As well as getting inactive people involved we want to give children a great experience of sport at an early age, encouraging them to participate through life and enjoy all the positives sport brings.” In the new strategy to get children and young people active from the age of five.

Most of us in England took part in sport and physical
activity at some point last year But for every person who regularly
takes part in sport and physical activity.

There is at least one with good intentions who struggles to convert their motivations
into action.They might buy the trainers or sign up for an event but never turn up. Or they might get stuck in sport’s revolving door,sometimes in but just as often out, knocked off course by everyday influences like the weather, an unpredictable work pattern or a single missed session. Critically, many of them come from the under-represented groups that Sporting Future highlights.          
yBall  is  a  catch  and  pivot, non- impact  fun based sport . 

We  feel  yBall  can  make  a  difference  at  all  level with  our  all-inclusive  mixed team style  of  game-play, 
a  local  and  fresh  twist  to  the  sporting  norm.

yBall  is a hybrid combination of  American football, netball and Ozi Rule that provides an intense yet intuitive game that everyone can enjoy, plus played to music. Playable by all and on any terrain it’s designed to embrace existing sports enthusiasts and for the less keen on activities. 

Why yBall.

Because both 
England Rugby & England Football,
Use yBall in there training system.
as seen on TV.






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