Development Plan
Marketing and Promotion
Coaching / Training & Community Exposure
1.0 Constitution
2.0 Roles & Responsibilities
3.0 Codes of Conduct
4.0 Disciplinary Procedure
5.0 Policies


2.0 Roles & Responsibilities

Chairman  – Secretary – Treasurer – Coach – Club Welfare Officer – Development Officer


2.1 Chairman

  • Chairs meetings of main Management Committee
  • Sets agenda and controls discussions in club meetings
  • Makes decisions in consultation with other officers
  • Plays an executive role as the principal officer throughout the year.
  • Must plan ahead and be prepared to delegate
  • Acts as a conciliator between 2 parties trying to resolve a disagreement.
  • Can act as point of reference for external agencies in conjunction with the Secretary
  • To ensure that the club has support from the local secretary community and that news of matches and results is published frequently


2.2 Secretary

  • Principal administration officer- the main link between executive committee and outside agencies
  • Must have good all-round communication skills
  • Must be computer literate with access to email.
  • First point of contact for an outsider
  • At the forefront of the work of the organisation
  • Writes agendas and minutes in club meetings
  • May produce newsletters/publicity material if no publicity officer exists
  • Organises fixtures in smaller clubs
  • Point of reference between league and teams
  • Books pitch(es)
  • Contacts all team members regarding fixture list and individual matches
  • Holds and continually updates data and details of all members
  • Assists with recruitment and publicity
  • Can assist treasurer with collecting subscriptions


2.3 Treasurer

  • Must be able to prepare and set budgets and control costs
  • Collects subscriptions
  • Agrees/sets budgets
  • Administers club accounts
  • Pays registration fees
  • Organises team treasurers if necessary and collates all fees
  • Prepares income and expenditure accounts and cash flow forecasts


2.4 Social secretary – All Committee Members

  • Organises all club social events
  • Prepares calendar and promotes events
  • Books venue(s), assists with publicity
  • Acts as point of contact for all coaching queries


2.5 Development Officer

  • Encourages, recruits, develops and organises training for all club referees
  • Acts as point of contact for yBall courses
  • Responsible for all elements of junior section
  • Encourages and supports coaches to develop junior players
  • Link between parents and club
  • Can act as schools development officer if none exists
  • Committed to developing the junior section of a club
  • To create links with and promote junior yBall within local schools

Women and girls

  • Ensuring that as many girls as possible have the opportunity representative to play yBall in a safe and fun environment in which they learn
  • Promote and encourage Women’s and Girls’ yBall


2.6 Club Welfare Officer

  • To ensure that children and young players are provided with the highest possible standard of care by their coaches and volunteers
  • To implement a Child Welfare Policy
  • To raise awareness and understanding that abuse does happen in sport and to establish communication and reporting procedures


Sub-committees can and should be formed for any of these roles as the number of tasks expands with the club. It is always easier to recruit people to half a job than a whole one. The load should be spread and shared.