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1.0 Constitution
2.0 Roles & Responsibilities
3.0 Codes of Conduct
4.0 Disciplinary Procedure
5.0 Policies


4.0 Disciplinary Procedure

4.1 Players


The Club fully expects all players to set and maintain a high level of good conduct and behaviour, both on and off the field of play. The Club will run its own internal disciplinary procedure; any disciplinary action will be decided by the Committee.

On receipt of notification of any caution or sending off either reported by the manager to the Secretary, the Management Committee will discuss any caution or sending off at the earliest opportunity, and will then decide whether or not to implement the Club’s Internal Disciplinary Procedure. They will take into account the referee’s report, the version of the events reported by the player and manager, and also the manager’s desired response regarding a formal appeal.

If the manager or player, wish to appeal against a caution or sending off they must notify the Club Secretary within 7 days of the offence taking place. Then, provided the Committee support their request, the Club Secretary notifies the player by phone or email within 3 days of the Committees decision.

The club’s own disciplinary policy is to impose the following sanctions which, at the Committees discretion, can be imposed to run concurrently:

4.1.1. Verbal Caution

1st Caution – Brief explanation of unsportsmanlike conduct, followed by referees/coaches verbal warning.

 4.1.2. Cautions (Yellow Wrist Band)

2nd caution – will receive they first wrist band but still can proceed in the game.
3rd caution – Second wristband leads to a Sin Bin period for 2 mins, Cool OFF! If player demonstrates a positive change in behaviour then they can re-enter the game.

4.1.3. Sending Off

4th Action – If player continues to demonstrate un-sportsmanlike conduct then he/she will be permanently suspended from the game.

5th Action – If registered player is seen to continue behaviour which is against club policies then the committee can authorise a more permanent suspension until he appears before the Committee, who shall decide any further appropriate punishment, which may include terminating the player’s membership.

The Management Committee will discuss any caution or sending off at the earliest opportunity, and will then decide whether or not to implement the Club’s Disciplinary Procedure, taking into account the player’s intention regarding formal appeal. The player and manager will be asked to offer their version of the events.


4.2 Manager, assistant, coach


4.2.1. Failure by any manager, assistant or coach to respond within 7 days to a request or an instruction of the Committee will leave that party liable to automatic suspension by the club until such time as the instruction or request is complied with or the Committee has met with that party to resolve the issue.

4.2.2. The Committee reserves the right to suspend any player, manager, assistant or coaches who fail to comply with the instructions of the committee in so far as they relate to a breach of Clubs rules & regulations, codes of conduct or policies.

4.2.3. The Committee reserves the ultimate sanction of permanently suspending any player or manager, assistant or coach who consistently breaches the clubs rules, regulations and codes of conduct.