Development Plan – Marketing & Community Exposure



Development Plan

Marketing and Promotion

Coaching / Training & Community Exposure

1.0 Constitution

2.0 Roles & Responsibilities

3.0 Codes of Conduct

4.0 Disciplinary Procedure

5.0 Policies


Development Plan


*Mission Statement

*Marketing & Promotion

*Coaching, Training & Community Exposure


Mission Statement

To get people of all ages playing yBall to the highest standard possible. Through targeting both adults and children collectively, yBall Sports Club aims to develop communities through actively promoting sport and physical fitness.

As yBall is a newly formed concept when compared to the UK’s main stream sports, it aims to provide a new twist to what is expected within sports. An exciting way to promote fitness and wellbeing and community interaction, yBall promotes fresh ideas and a level playing field for all involved.


Marketing and Promotion

Objective Process Key Partners Lead Person Time Scale Financial Implications
1. Increase Brand of what yBall is a. Social media sites and email news lettersb. Regular updating of all information sources (leaflets, website, blog ect) Club Links to boost social media posts Secretary 1 Year £30 (300 flyers)man power will be mainly dependent on volunteers
2. Develop Portfolio of yBall through the use of high quality videos and photography  a. Link with the local university, to recruit a volunteer who specialises in photographyb. The volunteer will require their own equipment University Student / University Secretary 1 Year man power will be mainly dependent on volunteers
3. Incorporation into the local media  a. Regular News Paper articlesb. Local radio station advertsc. Local community projects with sports magazines The Game Magazine, Local Radio Stations, Local News Groups Secretary 1 Year negotiable with key partnersman power will be mainly dependent on volunteers
Gain a Local Sponsor a. Develop the sport to a recognised levelb. Community Projectsc. Links with Local Businesses Local Businesses, Community Projects, Fund raisers, Local Events Secretary 1-2 Years Minimal, negotiable with the parties involved


Coaching / Training & Community Exposure

Objective Process Key Partners Lead Person Time Scale Financial Implications
Increase the number of qualified coaches a. Get candidates qualified to the government standard Sports England & UCoach Development Officer 1-2 Years Cost of Courses & No. of candidates
Increase the number of regular participants a. Membershipsb. More workshops per weekc. Target disadvantage groups (according to government Policies Creating a sporting habit for life) City Council, Youth Clubs, YMCA, Schools, Universities Development Officer 1-2 Years Travel Expenses, Coaching Costs
Increase the number of women coaching and administration a. Through playing the gameplus entering them into coaching  coursesb. Encourage volunteer roles within the committee Ucoach& sports England courses Development Officer assisted by the Chairman 1-2 Years Cost of Courses
Establish links to launch yBall as a disability sport a. Create links with disability groupsb. Run committee open days specific to disability groups City Council, Sports England, Help for Heroes Development Officer assisted by the Chairman 1-2 Years Cost of administration and advertisement


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