yBall Sports club – Bournemouth Constitution 2015-17

By Vince Golden, Stephen Dewdney & Brynn Mooney

Development PlanHow we expect to grow the sport
Coaching / Training and Community ExposureThe targets for how we want to/expect to coach
Marketing and PromotionTargets for the brand.
1.0 ConstitutionBasics of how yBall should be run
2.0 Roles and ResponsibilitiesThe roles for each member of the committee to fulfil
3.0 Codes of ConductHow we will maintain ethics for the sport and look after participants.
4.0 Disciplinary ProcedureIf someone were to break rules - this section explains the punishment.
5.0 PoliciesSimilar to Codes and Conducts. break down of policies that will be fulfilled by the yBall team.


yBall Constitution

If your would like a full copy of these documents for the formation of your own yBall Sports Club, feel free to download the most up to date version of the constitution. Click the image to the left to start the download.