This month, I’ve been quite busy, running sessions at Bournemouth University. This week will be last of the 5-week programmed sessions for NCS, ran with myself and the Bournemouth University Relays team Zoe and Terri.
I would have delivered these yBall sessions too more than 200, NCS students. Each session is very fulfilling, at the beginning of each session we run team-building exercises and programs that challenges them.

At the end of last month, the yBall team ran a session at the Littledown family fun day, with over 10,000 visitors on the day, a very busy day for us playing games all day, and introducing yBall to the community.

During the month I run yBall sessions over New Milton, on a weekly basis, which will resume after the summer breaks on Tuesdays 4:30 till 5:30 at the Memorial Centre.

At the end of the month, the yBall team arranged a match between St Joseph Primary School and Winton Primary at Bournemouth University. A well-contested match played with respect and honesty and sportsmanship.

Tonight the Tesco staff played a game of yBall this is the start of many games to come, the next one will be in a few weeks time.

September will see the start of the yBallers kids camp, at Bournemouth University, plus the start of two new schools.
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Just a few things, that have been going on in the yBall camp this year. 


Last weekend would of seen yBall being introduced into Rugby Collage. By my dear friend Peter Cleaver, the owner of the Company

Peter is also one of the Head Player Coaches, at Birmingham Bulls American Football Club, a very strong and skilled team, if played against in my year of plating this game.

It will be an fantastic day, for yBall to have  Rugby College playing my game.

Not only the college famous for Rugby talent, but now for yBall.

The £33-million Rugby College has specialist facilities for engineering, construction, hair and beauty and performing arts.

  • Superb engineering facilities, including the cutting edge Power Academy
  • First class laboratory and practical engineering workshops
  • Advanced machining centre and robotic facilities
  • Full-size training bays for plumbing and carpentry
  • IT facilities with industry standard software and design suites
  • Purpose-built art, design and craft workshops
  • Four hairdressing and beauty salons offering a full range of treatments
  • 150-seat theatre
  • Performance and dance facilities
  • Outdoor, all-weather sports pitches, four-court sports hall and multi-gym
  • Nursery
  • Well-stocked library
  • SPACE @ WCG Conferencing and business facilities

This week will also see yBall being introduced in Harris School in Birmingham, plus into Reading as a two session half term program.

After the half term holiday, the yBall team will be playing a combined school match, at the Bourne Academy, home to the Bournemouth Bobcats American football team.

The four combined schools will offer a mixed gender and abilities team to play yBall in all it’s FULL RULES, of the game, at full speed.

At the end of this week, we will be producing a timeline of yBall progression for all to see.



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A storming week, so far with yBall sports.

Tuesday was the second visit, to New Milton Rec. with Fourteen player of all ages, some mums playing with there children, and some teenagers.

Wednesday would see yBall at Bournemouth University delivering session to 60+, NCS Students. athen finishing the night at the littledown Astro pitches, again playing yball in the Community. Shout out go’s too Elsa Jo Reggie,  Sam, Issac, Iwona, Tomek, Dawidowicz, Monika, Kinga, Ogorek, Nicola, Maja a great night played at a good pace.


The Bournemouth University Relays team, plus the yBall team, will entertain around 150 students from NCS, with team building games, a tour of the university, and a full day of yBall games. Running from 9.00/ 15.30 

Then later Tonight the yBall season kick off at the Littledown Bournemouth.



On the BBC new’s last night, was the England Football team playing yBall in the back ground, like the England Rugby team.


Why yBall?

yBall focuses on “ABC‘s”


This is the direct quote sent to me, from the BBC1 sports presenter MIKE BUSHEL.

The new England coach Eddie Jones told me he loved the feature and the look of yBall and will use it in his training sessions…will spread the word. 

yBall is now based in Branksome Heath Junior School, for nearly one year, within each session a average of twenty plus students playing yBall.


yBall Bring together students and communities of all abilities and backgrounds, yBalls focus on fun, education and development makes it sport ideal for your school.

In some schools with the introductory of yBall into there sports curriculum, there has been a 15% up lift in inactive students playing sports.  


Over 1,200 students to participate at the Dorset Summer School Games Finals

Bryanston School will be hosting the Dorset Summer School Games Finals 2017. Over 1,200 students will participate in a range of competitions, including cricket, equestrian, and rounders.

Martin Kimberley, Active Dorset Chief Executive, stated “It’s great to see the range of opportunities for students in Dorset as the County School Games continue to grow and 2018 will be the largest event yet. Very well done to everyone who has made it to the Games and I hope you all have a successful, enjoyable and memorable day.”

The School Games is a unique opportunity to motivate and inspire millions of young people across the country to take part in more competitive school sport.


Bryanston 01                    active-dorset-logo


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Some of  Next few Month yBall Events.


LittleDown Family Fun day 29th July.

New Milton Community Session starts 7th August.

NCS days sports event at BU.

Kingsleigh primary school sports day.

More up and coming events will be Blogged & posted shortly.

yBall sports ended the 2017 year with School V School yBall games, with Winton Primary holding the Tesco Managers cup.

Now with the new year starting, plus new schools on board for 2018, it makes for an interesting year, to see if they can hold onto the cup.

If you are interested in having a FREE taster session in your school or community, please contact us via our email address, or just give me a call. And read up on what is yBall  on our site.

                                         Prime Sports NW CIC

Prime Sports NW CIC, taken delivery of there own bespoke, 16 piece Goal set and bags, Scorecards, Balls, and rules an Regs , plus a few more bits. And start delivering sessions in Bolton’s, Schools & the community in the new term.

yBall sports, are very proud to be part of this forward thinking sports company,  in getting more people active.

                                                            Prime Sports NW CIC


Who are Prime Sports ?

A Community Interest Company based in Bolton providing Sports and activity coaching for Young People, Over 55s and other groups.

What do Prime Sport deliver ?

Prime is a North West based organisation who are seeking to develop people’s interest in sport and to keep people active. Prime wanted to offer a wider range of sporting  opportunities to young people in the Community. Addition wanting to work with people who are still young at heart, plus being an inclusive organisation with extensive experience of working with those with disabilities.

yBall is now in the Bolton, Rugby, Wiltshire, Scotland , and it’s birth place, Dorset.

We are looking for fun reliable sports coaches to join the yBall ever-growing coaching team.

The successful candidate will assist or deliver after-school sessions in and around Bournemouth and Poole.

No experience, as coaching will be given if you have the relevant qualification, please forward them with a cover letter to the email address below.

Job type:

DBS/CRB  will be required for working in a school environment. Working with secondary and Primary age children

Must have Car,


high energy/versatile coach,

Excellent timekeeping,

Confident and Professional,


What is yBall.

yBall is a non-impact, non-collision, mixed gender low contact sport. great tactical game/cardio based sport played to music.

Great tactical game/cardio based sport played to music.

A mix of American football, netball, and Ozi Rules. The Ref is the MC on the Mic calling any infractions. The game can also be played in the dark with a glow in the dark ball.

You could call yBall a space invasion game, as this game has no markings on a pitch, so there are no bounders to the game.


Contact detail:






            This week would see the yBall team, Back at school coaching yBall since the half-term.

Delivering  three sessions of yBall to three Schools, over the last three days, Engaging 41 children playing yBall. Winton Primary School, St Joseph primary School, and The Bishop of Winchester Academy. Next week Friday will see the team attend, the Dorset PE and School Sport Conference.


All the children in each school have shown great improvements, in all the ABC’s, core skill’s, catching, and movement.

The game’s tempo was very fast, with the guy’s and gal’s falling back into defensive positions at times, but we are working on this week on week. In three to four weeks we’ll be working on zones, plays.

                     The key to all of this is have fun., so request your song for the playlist.

Tomorrow is Bournemouth University Freshers Fair. Things kick off at 11.00am. So make sure you get there in time, to speak to the guy’s and gal’s in SportsBU plus RelaysBU, a great and friendly team that are always happy to help.

                     yBall is now a Campus sport, so don’t forget to sign up Guy’z an Gal’z.



FITLIVING UK will be an amazing fitness weekender at the BIC and Bournemouth Beach.

                                                       On September 9th and 10th 2017.


The yBall team will be in the Solent Hall in the BIC 11am on Saturday 9th September, to demonstrate the game and a come along join in  free taster session. Plus being part of Bournemouth University’s and Relays BU beach event.  yBall on the beach start’s at  14.00.



  1. yBall is a fast tempo catch and pivot, FUN based game.
  2. A non-impact, MIXED GENDER, cardio based game played to music.
  3. A mix of American football, netball, basketball. If you have ever played any of these sports, yBall is the game for you. And if not then yBall is the game for you.
  4. The referee is the Mc on the MIC. The game can also be played in the dark.
  5. yBall could called a space invasion game, as yBall is played on any surface. Beaches, Indoor or Outdoor.there are no markings, no bounders to the pitch, which means there is full movement all the around the pitch.
  6. This year yBall has seen a full range of players. Blind, Wheel chaired, prosthetic blades, plus a one armed player, so know matter what your ability you can play yBall.

With September being the most popular time for people to begin a new fitness regime or start a gym, FITLIVING UK is a new national fitness lifestyle show hitting the beautiful sandy beaches of Bournemouth and the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC), Bournemouth on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th September, 2017. This is fitness at its absolute best with over 50 classes to try, first class speakers and the latest fitness trends. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a hardcore Crossfitter or looking to be a bit more active.


Greet the weekend with sunrise yoga, have a go at boxing, join in Les Mills classes, live Zumba, tough functional fitness, wind down with sunset yoga or pilates, enjoy mini football and gymnastics for kids, get educated in the nutritional village, get the best apparel deals in the shopping village, discover the latest fitness tech, learn new recipes in the demo kitchen or try some healthy street food all by the beach.

The show will demystify fitness and appeal to anyone looking to try out the latest fitness innovations including families wanting to keep fit together, the toughest of athletes and anyone hoping to just improve their health. Visitors can expect a wide of range of activities across the weekend with holistic & wellbeing, yoga and tough fitness tents directly on the beach and a blogger stage where you can meet your favourite fitness bloggers and hear from nutritional chefs, sporting celebrities and fitness professionals.

With over 15,000 people expected, we will see you their.

For more information visit



                                        For the second year, yBall is proud to be part of this growing event

                                                                    yBall is a fast tempo game.                                                     

              Great for cardio, non-impact sport easy to understand . Key for team building, hand to eye coordination.   

                                       Catch and pivot game, using space awareness, and communication

                                                                           ACTIVE NATION


                            A firm favourite on Bournemouth’s family festival programme,

                 The Littledown Family Fun Day returns for 2017.

packed completely free entertainments programme for visitors of all ages.

The whole centre joins in the fun as activities, attractions and displays flood the sports centre’s main hall and gymnasiums and take over the vast Littledown Park in its sweeping grounds. Watch local talent showcasing yBall gymnastics, taekwondo, singing, dancing and acting.

You’ll be wowed by the martial arts displays, meet Crazy Creature creepy crawlies, go orienteering and get your face painted and your hair wrapped. Watch in amazement at the falconry display, challenge the family to go Go Karting, sign the kids up to youth theatre workshops or send them into the Inflatable Zone to bounce off that endless energy!

There’s so much going on that you could easily stay for the whole event – from 11am to 4pm. Fine-tune your Wimbledon skills in tennis training sessions, watch the magic shows and children’s entertainment, polish your circus skills and take on a fun run assault course. There’s even an adult/teen bouncy castle if the kids won’t take turns!

If all that sounds a little too energetic there are plenty of opportunities to grab refreshments and snacks and the play parks and paddling pool are open as usual if you need a change of pace! There is live music on the Terrace, a licensed bar, BBQ, wood fired pizzas and even an inflatable pub!


                     The yBall team will be allocating out time slots for the come and play games

                                                      To book your slot please text or email me on


  1. 11.45 /12.30.
  2. 12.45 / 13.30
  3. 13.45/ 14.30
  4. 14.45/ 15.30
  5. mini tournament                                      


       Off the back of this event we will be starting the yBall community sessions, starting Tuesday 1st August 8.00 pm.

                    And every Tuesday thereafter.  At the Littledown playing field near the Astro turf pitch.


The first session is free. 

£4.00 per session.

Session run time 1 hour 30 minutes


BH Live Active, Littledown

Littledown, Chaseside, BH7 7DX Bournemouth