Charmouth Primary School. Is uniquely situated almost on the beach on the beautiful Jurassic Coast. The aim of their curriculum is to inspire as well as take advantage of beautiful location to ensure the children are able to thrive personally, socially and academically.

We’ll be demonstrating yBall too the school over the week, plus hand delivering, Charmouth primary school very own bespoke yBall kit, with the school logo designed into the goals vinyl.

Wednesday will see the yBall team attend second of the two Dorset school games, at Braynston school. It will be a full day of activities with over 30 schools attending on the day with near on 1000 children playing sports.

To finish off the week, we’ll be sending two yBall kits to Ireland,to start games.

yBall”s in various counties in the UK, four schools in Dorset, up and down the UK. We are reaching out to everyone from England, Scotland and now to Ireland.


More Than A Game MTAG.

2019 will see yBall enter into a new phase within it’s growth in this sport.

yBall for 2019 year has had more school enquiring in regards to the sport.

Just a few bits of feedback in regards to the sport.

Hi Vince,

Many thanks for your email in regards to feedback on how yBall is doing.

We’ve been using the kit throughout the year for our primary school aged children in the borough of Bolton and it has gone down really well.

It is very good for hand eye coordination skills for both our main stream children and some of our SEN children.

We’ve also used it for some of our high school SEN students and high school aged boys in our community groups who like the whistles they get when throwing the yBalls really hard!

Hope this helps and we will continue with it and strive for the uptake of YBall in the North West!

Many thanks for your support with this, Lynette.

Hi Jodie / Vince

Sorry for the late reply,

Thank you for your time when I visited.

I mentioned I would introduce you to Vincent the founder of YBall. Some of the girls really liked the activity and would be interested in setting up a team.

Kind regards

Peter Cleaver

Careers in Sport


Hey Vince!

it’s Anna from The Bishop of Winchester, i wanted to say that we ALL miss having Y-ball over at our school, it made our Thursdays so much fun, we wish you guys could come back, thank you so much for having us during those 2 years!

We’re doing fine, thanks for asking! we’ve all just started learning for our GCSE’s and I’m sure i speak for everyone when i say yBall would’ve been a great stress reliever.

Hi Vince,
I hope that all is well! I just wanted to send an email as we have just finished our first rotation of the children creating their own sport. The children loved the Yball week and virtually all had it up there as one of the highlights of the programme.
Many thanks,
Broadstone Middle school
Alex Doidge.

These are just a few of the comments, over this year. The new yBall tag of, MORE THAN A GAME is standing true to the sport.


Figures from Active Dorset for 2018.

Welcome from our Chief Executive

Welcome to our newsletter, we hope you are all set to enjoy the festive season.

The results of the first Active Lives Children and Young People Survey have been released and they show a mixed picture for our young people. The headlines for Dorset are:

Primary Ages –

  •Approximately 50% of our young people are achieving an average of 60 minutes moderate or intensive activity every day
  •25% are achieving 30-60 minutes of moderate or intensive activity every day
  •25% of our primary aged young people are failing to achieve even 30 minutes of moderate activity each day

Secondary Ages –

  •Approximately 44% of our young people are achieving an average of 60 minutes moderate or intensive activity every day
  •25% are achieving 30-60 minutes of moderate or intensive activity every day
  •Over 30% of our secondary aged young people are failing to achieve even 30 minutes of moderate activity each day

Those with extremely worryingly low levels of activity number over 36,000!

The above are info, from Active Dorset

The team will be expanding in 2019, we’ll be looking for new members for our team.

If you fancy helping or be paid as a coach, please contact us.


A tremendous night of yBall at Bourne Academy, with the yballers playing a match in front of the Bournemouth Bobcats American football team.

A very high scoring game. With both sides playing to a high standard.

A big thanks to the parents for supporting their children, and the bobcats for letting them play for them.

Thanks to Active Dorset for their continuous support, and providing the bags bottles etc.

There will be more matches,to follow this year TBC.

Big thanks to Freddie & Leia for the admin side of yBall.

Again thanks to everyone

This Tuesday, the 6th of November will see the first combined school game, of yBall at Bourne Academy.

The game will start at 20.00/21.00

The game will be played in front of the Bournemouth bobcat American football team.

On the floodlights if Astroturf pitch. Which will be a great experience for some of the children, for some of these guys & gals, this will be there first ever team game.

We’ll be mixing both school together on the evening, to make new friends plus to demonstrate teamwork and teambuilding.

The combined schools will be St Joseph & Winton Academy, around 25 yBallers.

Both schools, will demonstrate the core values of yBall,

Determination, Confidence, Honestly, Sportsmanship, Team building.

By making this combined school game, the children will show, teamwork & respect for others within the game.

We’re hopefully expecting representatives from Active Dorset popping in on the evening. Coming along to see the core skills learnt over the years, but most of all watching the children have fun with this concept sport.

I’d like to say a big thank you to Keith the head coach of the bobcat, for his support in allowing myself to support the bobcat defence of in a coaching role. And allowing me to put this game together for the yBallers.

The two teams on the night, will be the ThunderCats and the Wiley cats

#Bournemouth bobcat#St Joseph Primary school#Winton academy

Another progression step for yBall now attending the WASP games.

The yBall team were approached last week at the DORSET SCHOOL GAMES, by WASP Senior Sports Consultant Alma Borthwick, with the view to attending the game’s due to the number of students the game engaged, and the skill set yBall encouraged from each person, within the team. leadership, teamwork,  sportsmanship, respect etc. But most of all FUN in a competitive manner.

Wiltshire & Swindon School Games run this annual programme which provides a platform for young people to compete in internal school competitions (level 1) through to district competitions (level 2) through to County competitions (level 3). This is coordinated by Wiltshire and Swindon Sport (WASP) in partnership with the Local Organising Committee (LOC) and Management Group and delivered by working with partners across the County including the School Games Organisers, Local Authorities and National Governing Bodies of Sport (NGBs).

The Mission:
Keeping competitive sport at the heart of schools and providing more young people with the opportunity to compete and achieve their personal best.

The Vision:
By 2020 the School Games will be continuing to make a clear and meaningful difference to the lives of even more children and young people.

You can also find out more about them by following on Facebook WASP (Wiltshire & Swindon Sport) and Twitter WiltsSport, so you can keep up to date with any news, and updates.

IWiltshire School Games Spring Festival 2018



On the BBC new’s last night, was the England Football team playing yBall in the back ground, like the England Rugby team.


Why yBall?

yBall focuses on “ABC‘s”


This is the direct quote sent to me, from the BBC1 sports presenter MIKE BUSHEL.

The new England coach Eddie Jones told me he loved the feature and the look of yBall and will use it in his training sessions…will spread the word. 

yBall is now based in Branksome Heath Junior School, for nearly one year, within each session a average of twenty plus students playing yBall.


yBall Bring together students and communities of all abilities and backgrounds, yBalls focus on fun, education and development makes it sport ideal for your school.

In some schools with the introductory of yBall into there sports curriculum, there has been a 15% up lift in inactive students playing sports.  


Over 1,200 students to participate at the Dorset Summer School Games Finals

Bryanston School will be hosting the Dorset Summer School Games Finals 2017. Over 1,200 students will participate in a range of competitions, including cricket, equestrian, and rounders.

Martin Kimberley, Active Dorset Chief Executive, stated “It’s great to see the range of opportunities for students in Dorset as the County School Games continue to grow and 2018 will be the largest event yet. Very well done to everyone who has made it to the Games and I hope you all have a successful, enjoyable and memorable day.”

The School Games is a unique opportunity to motivate and inspire millions of young people across the country to take part in more competitive school sport.


Bryanston 01                    active-dorset-logo


#Active Dorset #Dorset school game #yBall #BU #Relays

Some of  Next few Month yBall Events.


LittleDown Family Fun day 29th July.

New Milton Community Session starts 7th August.

NCS days sports event at BU.

Kingsleigh primary school sports day.

More up and coming events will be Blogged & posted shortly.

This Saturday will see the team attend this event for the third year. Each year we have seen the numbers grow with more and people taking part in actives. It’s a great fun day out for the whole family, with lots to try and do all day.
yBall is the new and exciting sport in Bournemouth. We are looking forward to the opportunity in presenting our fantastic sport to New Milton RFC Family Sports Day again this weekend. 
Key benefits of yBall

The yBall team prides itself on being a fun based non-contact MIXED GENDER catch and pivot sports, which is totally inclusive to all ages & genders.

yBall is a very low contact sport. And a very good tactical / cardio based sport, played to music.

 yBall a great sport to introduce to the Community & schools.

A mixed gender sport, that focuses on the ABC’s, to which all skill’s are transferable to other sports, tennis, cricket, squash, etc.

A mix of American football and Netball,. The Ref is the MC on the Mic calling any infractions. The game can also played in the dark with a glow in the dark ball.

You could call yBall a space invasion game, as this game has no markings on a pitch, so there is no bounders to the game.

Over the years yBall has seen a full range of players. Here are just a few.

A Blind player, playing and scoring for her team.

A player in a wheelchair playing in goal, and catching the winning points for there team.

A young lad playing with prosthetic blades, and another young lad with one arm playing, and they were all FANTASTIC at playing yball.

Don’t let anyone tell them they CAN’T, it’s a game for everyone, know matter your skill set,YOU CAN PLAY yBALL..

Over the past few months yBall has visited a number of  University’s showcasing the sport. Brighton, Derby, Plymouth,Surrey, and Leeds.

yball has also been taken up and played in Schools & youth centres, Kent, Bolton, Warwickshire, Wiltshire. And several places in Scotland.

If you would like a free TASTER SESSION please email or ring myself on 07540393819.



Our vision is that everyone in England, regardless of age, background or ability, feels able to take part in sport or activity. Some might be fit and talented, but others won’t be so confident

Since 2005, weekly sport participation in England has grown by 1.9 million to nearly 16 million, an increase of 1.5%. The number of people taking part in sport at least three times a week has grown even faster, increasing by 1.9%.

Our new strategy, Towards An Active Nation, looks beyond simple participation to how sport changes lives and becomes a force for good.

At its heart are five outcomes: physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, individual development, social and community development and economic development.

Our new Active Lives Survey will recognise the breadth of both formal and informal ways people choose to get active and stay healthy.

Our strategy will help deliver against the health, social and economic outcomes set out in Sporting Future.

We want everybody to experience the benefits that taking part in sport and physical activity brings, including:

  • Mental wellbeing
  • Physical wellbeing
  • Individual development
  • Economic development
  • Social and community development


There vision is that everyone in England feels able to take part in sport or activity, regardless of age, background or ability.

Find out how there working to achieve the five outcomes at the heart of the Government’s strategy for sport. visit the Sport England Website.

DSC 0066

What is yBall?


yBall fun based a catch and pivot, non- contact sport. We feel it can make a difference at all level with our all-inclusive gender/ ages style of game-play, a local and fresh twist to the sporting norm.

In short, the yBall game is a hybrid combination of  American football, netball that provides an intense yet intuitive game that everyone can enjoy. Playable by all and on any terrain it is designed to embrace existing sports enthusiasts and people less keen on activities. 

yBall put’s a fresh twist on existing sports, thanks to it’s unique qualities and ability to get everyone involved.

yBall is already being delivered to schools in Bournemouth, Wiltshire, Warwickshire, Kent, Midlands,  plus three youth centres in Scotland. 

This summer will see yBall start a new Community session, in New Milton, the venue to be announced in a few weeks. 

                               NEW MILTON FAMILY FUN DAY

The day features the ‘Come and Join in’ Sports Fair giving children and adults the chance to join in for FREE in a number of different sports. We have many different sports to have a go and include Fencing, Volleyball, 6×6 Football, Rugby, Table Tennis, Hockey, yBall, Golf, Rounders, Disc Golf, Street Dance, Judo and New Milton Health and Leisure activities. Children that complete 6 different activities are rewarded with a medal!

There’ll be a licensed bar and BBQ to keep everyone going throughout the day as well as a DJ and Live Band to entertain.

A brilliant family day that cannot be missed..

First Line of Venue Address
Normans Way
New Milton
BH25 5FN
New Milton, Hampshire BH25 5FN

Following the success of the last two year’s, the yball team will be attending the Family Fun Day with over ten thousand people attending, the Littledown Centre on Sunday 29 July 2018.

Image result

 yBall will be attending this fantastic event again, this will be our third year of us being here.

We are will be organising yBall game at specific time slots.

12.00 until 12.45

13.00 until 13.45

14.00 until 14.45

15.00 until 15.45

If you’d like to be part of this  great event plus play some games.

if you could give 30/45 minutes play, it would help profile what yBall is, to the community.

If you could text me a small reply with your name and preferred time slot to 07540393819.

Please come on down and support us and try your hand at this family sport that non impact, and very low contact, plus a great cardio workout. Fun for all ages and gender’s, able body or otherwise.

There should be more than 10,000 people milling about on the day and taking part in our events on the day.

Admission is free to the fun day however; there will be a charge for certain activities.



yBall sports ended the 2017 year with School V School yBall games, with Winton Primary holding the Tesco Managers cup.

Now with the new year starting, plus new schools on board for 2018, it makes for an interesting year, to see if they can hold onto the cup.

If you are interested in having a FREE taster session in your school or community, please contact us via our email address, or just give me a call. And read up on what is yBall  on our site.

                                         Prime Sports NW CIC

Prime Sports NW CIC, taken delivery of there own bespoke, 16 piece Goal set and bags, Scorecards, Balls, and rules an Regs , plus a few more bits. And start delivering sessions in Bolton’s, Schools & the community in the new term.

yBall sports, are very proud to be part of this forward thinking sports company,  in getting more people active.

                                                            Prime Sports NW CIC


Who are Prime Sports ?

A Community Interest Company based in Bolton providing Sports and activity coaching for Young People, Over 55s and other groups.

What do Prime Sport deliver ?

Prime is a North West based organisation who are seeking to develop people’s interest in sport and to keep people active. Prime wanted to offer a wider range of sporting  opportunities to young people in the Community. Addition wanting to work with people who are still young at heart, plus being an inclusive organisation with extensive experience of working with those with disabilities.

yBall is now in the Bolton, Rugby, Wiltshire, Scotland , and it’s birth place, Dorset.