Yesterday’s Session at St James Primary School focused on pivoting and the pivot foot.

We tried to keep it simple and broke it all down, within the game.

Anyone who’s ever played yBall knows the term “pivoting”. Basically, pivoting is the point at which a player stops once receiving the ball, and limits their subsequent movements & choices. The pivot foot (see embedded image to the right) is the one foot which must remain on the floor when a player has possession of the ball. This is also the stage where the player must make up their mind as to the next definitive action, having one of two choices:

  1. pass the ball to another colleague
  2. shoot toward the basket and try to score

If the player makes a mistake whilst pivoting, just as in basketball, it will be deemed astravelling” with the possible consequences, loss of the ball to the opposing team if it is repeatedly violated.

Pivoting can also be used as a power to move a “change in direction”. or sell a dummy move, to a defensive player, or to help the offensive player, in getting a little bit of distance between themselves and a defensive player.

When a player makes a decision to stop, they will have to use their pivot foot to either find a better position to pass the ball to a colleague who can score, or they must take the responsibility of scoring on their own. In actuality, this is a great deal of responsibility and the entire team is counting on the right decisions to be made by the right players. Knowing what to do, when, where & how is a key part of accountability, and not to panic pass

On the 28th of June, six primary schools will take part in a yBall tournament, hoisted by Winton Primary School Bournemouth. The main focus will be to make sure the children have FUN on the day.

The Community session in New Milton is still going strong, with the added auditions of the young carers attending each session.