Orange DRYU bags

yBall in partnership with DRYU


Todays session of yBall at Bournemouth Uni was very competitive. With the cummunity team playing the BU team. The cummunity team picked two new  players, in Will Harding and Gary Islip both player settled in very well into game score numerous goals, and defending well.

At the half time period working on Zone defence, to tie the game. Some great movement on and off the ball from both teams, with teams understanding, IF YOU CONTROL THE BALL, YOU CONTROL THE GAME.

2017 will see yBall more active in the cummunity, in more schools, and entering the DORSET SCHOOL GAMES, plus the BRITISH BEACH FESTIVAL.


Check out the site for detail of sessions this week, as they will be updated for the winter.

yBall in partnership with DRYU


Event organised by NCS and yBall


Monday will see the yBall run an event at Harrow House. The Number One International College on Swanage, and ranked within the top ten in the UK. The yBall team are looking forward this amazing event, with over 100 students taking part in the yBall games.


Harrow house has outstanding facilities on site.

  • Indoor heated swimming pool
  • Indoor sports dome with tennis, badminton, volleyball and five-a-side football
  • Fitness, dance and yoga studio
  • Games room including American pool and darts
  • Astroturf tennis courts and football pitches
  • Volleyball and basketball courts
  • Aeroball and mini golf
  • Team building zones
  • LookOut Lounge, disco
  • Cafeteria
  • Medical room
  • Self-service laundry room
  • Assembly hall, mini-theatre, table-tennis and games room
  • Cinema, lecture hall with digital TV
  • Wessex room Wi-Fi area with satellite TV and Wii games
  • All classrooms with interactive whiteboards / screens and internet access
  • Computer rooms for internet access
  • Library
  • Durlston accommodation (including en-suite facilities)
  • Ballard accommodation
  • Bay View accommodation
  • Harrow Lodge accommodation
  • Lulworth House en-suite accommodation

In the last two months yBall has visited and played the game at Brighton, Derby, Plymouth University all of which were organised by Careers In Sports, with Surrey University being the last one of this year, for yBall on 15th of December.

yBall is now taking part in the littledown Leisure Centre,Fireworks display on the 5th November.With free taster games to everyone on the astroturf pitch, games starting at 7.30 book your place by ring or emailing, all details on the yBall website.

More Info to follow in the next few days in regards to this Fantastic night of Fireworks

yBall in partnership with DRYU

A fantastic first session of yball at the Walisdowne playing fields. A big thanks to all the students for there hard work at freshers at weekend, and making tonight happen. This Sunday will see there first regular sessions at the Walisdowne playing close to the Bournemouth University.



Tomorrow the yBall team will attend a School Sports Conference at the QE school in Wimborne the school will be expecting over 200 delegates from over 100 schools to attend.

delegates will have access to yBall before the conference starts, on breaks/lunch and in the networking sessions.


QE school

The delegates will be covering many topic throughout the day such as:

1. The Power of PE – how secondary school PE impacts on young people’s physical, social, personal

2: Under the skin” – Understanding youth personalities to help young

3: How to inspire children

4: How to use sport as the tool to improve leadership, learning and well- being.

5: How to inspire children

yBall in partnership with DRYU


Monday will see yball travel to North West London, just outside of Wembley, for the first time to deliver a yball session.

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School.

At Our Lady of Lourdes school they strive at achieving the highest quality education in Primary School gives your children the very best possible advantage in life options. They have the highest academic expectations of our pupils whilst we continuously support and challenge them to enable them to achieve only their absolute best. Teaching is made interesting, motivating and creative in order to make learning most successful. Catholic moral values and ethos are modeled as part of the daily routine and staff and pupils, at Our Lady of Lourdes treat each other with equal respect and courtesy at all times. The  school is a happy and vibrant learning community where the pupils leave feeling confident and self assured, ready to follow their chosen pathway with hope and enthusiasm as well as good grades.


The school offers pupils a full, rich and exciting curriculum made up of the National Curriculum taught alongside the International Primary Curriculum – a 21st Century global curriculum. They place added emphasis on developing a love of the Arts in our pupils and offer lessons in Art, Music, Singing, Drama, Dance, Photography, Cookery, Sewing, Craft and Design and have a Breakfast Club and many After School Clubs – taught by our staff or tutors.


Our lady of

yBall in Partnership with DRYU.


This morning will see yBall hoist games at the Ferndowne Leisure Center, before heading across to the Freshers Fair at the Bournemouth University to support the students. #DURACELL.

What is NCS?

National Citizen Service (NCS) is an experience you really don’t want to miss. If you’re 15 to 17 years-old, this is your chance to embark on exhilarating challenges, make your mark and build skills for work and life. More than 275,000 young people have already said YES to NCS.


What a great turnout last night,for the yBall session around 15 players, guest who lost the game and had to do press ups again, yep me the losing captain had to do 20 push up, the way i see it it’s a warm up for next week….. Not i’m not losing next week it’s all win win win LOL.

See you next week Guys and Gals.




Image result for bournemouth freshers 2016


Tomorrow will see yBall return for the fourth year to BOURNEMOUTH UNIVERSITY and the third year at FRESHERS.

A big thanks to all the students that came through and helped yBall a great last year,  ELLIE, LIZ, MATT, and ED.

A super thanks to Steve Dewdney, for his tireless hard work, coordinating with the students, sorting events to go to, and keeping things on the go within the yBall journey . And now Steve is working in the job he has worked hard to get and has always wanted, in SPORTS BU with a great team of guy’s, I’ve gotten to know over the year.


This term will see a new team of forward think students, take up there new rolls as yBall ambassadors, organisers, etc, pushing yBall into 2017 with new games, new events and new challenges. Some of the students, were here last year and i’ll like to say thank you and welcome you back, as we move forward with another yBall chapter.



What is Freshers’ Fair?

The SUBU Freshers’ Fair is a huge exhibition that is free to attend for 18,000 BU students. Included in the fair are all of the SUBU clubs and societies, BU sports teams, local and BU groups together with a collection of local and national businesses, live entertainment, sports demos, music, food and drink!

It is your chance to talk to 100’s of SUBU clubs and societies, over 60 BU sports teams and find out about numerous volunteering and fundraising opportunities that are available to you to take part in alongside your studies.


yBall and DRYU Partnership

yBall Welcome DRYU

It brings us great pleasure here at yBall to announce that we have teamed up with outdoors and adventure brand DRYU. Also based in Bournemouth it is exciting to make new friends in the local area.

Shared Ambition

As a fresh new community sport, yBall can instantly relate to DRYU’s ethos of “life without limits”. After all our ambition is to introduce yBall to people of all ages throughout Bournemouth and the UK and get more people playing a sport they can truly enjoy. We are looking forward to to being part of their journey and we believe we can be stronger together. Their flagship product the DRYU waterproof bags will be used at future sessions to keep kit and other valuables dry.

Why it Works for yBall

We frequently play on the beach, on grass and astroturf which makes their all weather protective properties perfect for wherever we play. The bags super strong properties also make them ideal for carrying all the bibs, balls and other accessories we need to play yBall. They will also provide a safe place to store electronics and other valuables in these conditions.

Orange for yBall

The DRYU bags come in a various colours, but naturally we will be using the orange ones to go with all our yBall kit. Vibrant and full of life, we look forward to an action packed future with our like minded new partners DRYU.

Orange DRYU bags

The bags will also be feature in our yBall starter packs that will be sent out to schools and teams looking to take up the sport for themselves.

See You at The Next yBall Session

Don’t forget guys our weekly community sessions are now on Thursday from 19.00-20.30 at Kings Park. We look forward to seeing you all there for another epic session of yBall.

Yo don’t forget our weekly session at KINGS PARK tomorrow @ 7.00 / 8.30 first session is free for first timers, £3.00 there after.


This month will see yBall visit, Brighton, Derby,Plymouth, and Surrey in December for some Boomtastic yBall games.


It’s a non-contact MIXED GENDER game, high in cardio played to uptempo music. 

A mix of American football, netball, basketball. The Ref is the MC on the Mic calling any infractions. The game is also played in the dark with a glow in the dark ball. 

You could call yBall a space invasion game.

yBall is played on the beach, in sports hall or on fields, anywhere.
In Dorset when we play on the beach, we have BBQ’s in the day or night and then bring out the night vision ball. So any space that you have extra would ideal too showcase the sport.



Fantastic session tonight at KINGS PARK playing yBall everyone playing was new to the game of yBall. We had mixed teams as yBall love to play this way and all ages playing together.

As we go forward these sessions will split into Youth & Adult sessions.

Great feedback most preferring yBall, to what they are doing for CARDIO FITNESS saying they had a fun playing, met new friends while playing and they will be back next week with more friends.

A BIG THANK YOU FROM MYSELF VINCE AND STEVE,too everyone for jumping in and trying this great community sport. See you all next Thursday 7.00 pm.

And don’t forget if you are new the first session is FREE, and apply’s to the guy’s and gal’s that played tonight, next week is FREE for you too as it count’s as your taster session.

Another yBall game pack sold, this one is going to Edinburgh. That makes three sent North of the border.
For those in the know, watch out. (WINTER IS COMING). LOL

                                Description: Description: Description: F:\MARKETTING\2014 BRANDING\area, region, club logos\CSSC Logos for print\CSSC-Edinburgh-Logo-print.jpg

 yBall a space invasion game that’s fast tempo non collision sport played to music.

As seen on the BBC.

yBall run’s a weekly session every THURSDAY at kings park starts at 7.00 till 8.30pm first timers free.

Bring a friend along get fit have fun and listen to some cool tune.


It’s a non-contact MIXED GENDER game, high in cardio played to uptempo music. We play Deephouse Funkyhouse DnB UKgrime any music to be honest all clean tho.

A mix of American football, netball, basketball. based around a catch and pivot game. The Ref is the MC on the Mic calling any infractions. The game is also played in the dark with a glow in the dark ball. 

yBall is played on the beach, in sports hall or on fields, in Dorset when we play on the beach, we have BBQ’s in the day or night and then bring out the night vision ball, still playing music with people watching.


This year will see yBall visit three University to showcase the game. And start a new yBall beginning in these Uni. Brighton – Sept 22nd    Plymouth –  Sept     27th Derby – 11th October .

The event is ran by  CAREERS-IN-SPORT

Careers in Sport LIVE