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Pivoting within the yBall game

Yesterday’s Session at St James Primary School focused on pivoting and the pivot foot. We tried to keep it simple and broke it all down, within the game. Anyone who’s ever played yBall knows the term “pivoting”. Basically, pivoting is the point at which a player stops once receiving the ball, and limits their subsequent movements […]

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yBall Working with SCARF.

Supporting Special Children and their Relatives and Friends Saturday Multi-Sports Sessions yBall – April/May 2019 We are excited to introduce a new sport to our Saturday morning Multi Sports sessions in April/May 2019 – there will be a 5 week block of yBall, with myself Vince Golden as our coach . It’s a catch and […]

yBall now at Charmouth Primary school.

Charmouth Primary School. Is uniquely situated almost on the beach on the beautiful Jurassic Coast. The aim of their curriculum is to inspire as well as take advantage of beautiful location to ensure the children are able to thrive personally, socially and academically. We’ll be demonstrating yBall too the school over the week, plus hand […]

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yBall Wednesday weekly Sessions

  Through the support of EnergiseMe, yBall will be running session throughout the year.   yBall  a fun based, catch and pivot, non-impact sport played to music.  A blend of American football & Netball. We  feel  it  can  make  a  difference  at  all  level with  our  all-inclusive gender/ ages style  of  game-play,  a  local  and […]

yBall match a great night.

A tremendous night of yBall at Bourne Academy, with the yballers playing a match in front of the Bournemouth Bobcats American football team. A very high scoring game. With both sides playing to a high standard. A big thanks to the parents for supporting their children, and the bobcats for letting them play for them. […]

YBall Match

This Tuesday, the 6th of November will see the first combined school game, of yBall at Bourne Academy. The game will start at 20.00/21.00 The game will be played in front of the Bournemouth bobcat American football team. On the floodlights if Astroturf pitch. Which will be a great experience for some of the children, […]