About yBall.

yBall In a nut shell….

yBall is a non-contact version of American Football. BUT, with many innovative  modernisations, you have to play it to fully appreciate its creative diversity.

Currently we are working closely with Active Dorset, the Local authority for Sports England, attempting to achieve their aspirations of a greater participation in the proportion of individuals aged up to 18 years old. Sport England state that 62% of people aged 14+ are physically inactive and we feel yBall can make a difference at a any level with our all inclusive gender/ ages style of game-play, a local and fresh twist to the sporting norm.

How yBall started

The sport itself was launched off the back of London’s 2012 Olympic games; since which it has been growing throughout the county and other localised pods around the UK. During this time, we have  thousands of kids active around the local area and have even been invited guests on Mike Bushells BBC broadcast showing off the local talents of yBall partners including Bishop of Winchester, Leaf Academy and Bournemouth University